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In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating connectivity from a RediGate 120C to an Allen-Bradley 1769-L16ER-B1B CompactLogix processor over EtherNet/IP. This tutorial can be used to for connecting and RediGate with a device-level Ethernet port to any EthnerNet/IP enabled Allen-Bradley PLC (CompactLogix or ControlLogix). For MicroLogix, SLC, or PLC-5, see the "the DF1 Over Ethernet to RediGate Master" guide guide.

See Protocol_EtherNetIP-Master for a discussion of the supported (and currently unsupported) features and data types of the Ethernet/IP driver. Contact Elecsys for assistance.


  1. A RediGate 120X or 400 series device with an open Ethernet port
  2. Completion of the Getting Started Guide for your respective RediGate device (RediGate 100 or RediGate 400)
  3. An Ethernet connection to an EtherNet/IP enabled PLC. You will need to configure your RediGate's local Ethernet port to be on the same network as the PLC, and you should confirm that you are able to ping the PLC through that port.