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  1.  SSH into your RediGate using Putty
  2. Navigating to the "Cell Modem Diags" section by entering the following commands
    1. 1 - (System Services)
    2. 15 - (Cell Modem Diags"
    3. 73 - (Diag AT Cmds
  3. These commands will take you to the following screen, where you will be able to retrieve the MEID of your cellular RediGate device. The screenshot below is of a GSM modem, so it has an "ERROR" where the MEID would be for a Verizon device.
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  4. Once you have your MEID, you can call contact your provider and activate the RediGate.
titleSecurity Note

If your RediGate has a public static IP address, you will want to immediately take extra security precautions to prevent unauthorized access attempts. Please review our Unauthorized Access on Public Static IP Addresses document to insure that your RediGate is properly protected.