RediGate 400 - SIM Card Installation

For GSM connections, the RediGate 400 uses a standard SIM card (also referred to as Mini-SIM). The steps below show how to install the SIM card:

Step 1:

Remove power and all connectors from the front panel of the RediGate.

Remove the rubber end cap and the five mounting screws from the front faceplate.

Step 2:

Gently slide the RediGate out of its enclosure about 5 inches (127 mm) to expose the SIM card slot.  Do not remove the processor entirely from the enclosure.

Step 3:

Fully insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot, with the metal contacts facing down and the angled edge facing out.


Example of AT&T's IoT Sim card installed in a RediGate (note the three embedded SIM sizes: Mini, Micro, and Nano):

Step 4:

Gently slide the RediGate back into its enclosure and carefully replace the five mounting screws to avoid over-tightening.

Replace the rubber end cap and all front panel connectors.