Tag Name Substitutions

When publishing to MQTT, data values are published with corresponding tag name, if configured in ACE, with some exceptions (substitutions) noted below.

With MQ-RBE, Sparkplug-B, or MQ-JSON:

  • If tag name includes a space, the space will be converted to an underscore  _  character instead.
  • The space-to-underscore conversion also applies to the Ethernet/IP master protocol.

With MQ-RBE or Sparkplug-B (not JSON):

  • If tag name includes a period  .  it's tag will be published with a forward slash  /  instead.
  • If tag name includes an integer between square brackets for an array (such as [23] ), it's tag will be published with the integer surrounded by forward slash and underscore instead (such as /23_ ).
  • In Ignition, the forward slash in a published tag name creates a level in the collapsible tag hierarchy.