Master Channel

The RediGate uses the Master Channel and its child objects to define the RediGate's ability to act as a master for reading or writing other devices using one or more device protocols. All master protocols use the same basic structural definition, requiring at least four ACE objects to be configured:

  • The Master Channel defines the sequence and timing of periodic scans of the device, independent of protocol.
  • The Circuit (network or serial) defines the physical connection to the device.
  • The FieldUnit object defines the protocol-specific characteristics and poll definitions for the device.
  • The Real-time Database (RTDB) defines a data structure for storing information obtained from each physical field device.
  • Other optional child objects under the RTDB or FieldUnit provide other features for acting on the device's data.

In the Master Channel configuration, make sure that the Response Timeout is set long enough to receive replies for the given network and field devices. Add rows in the Scan Table for each poll in each FieldUnit that is required to be scanned in real-time.

For general information on configuring Master Channels, see the RediGate Configuration Manual.