Comm Status Holdreg

Enter the starting holding register to contain the communication status for this FieldUnit.  Each Comm Status takes 5 registers, beginning at the register configured in this parameter. The Comm Status Holdreg for each field unit in a configuration must be defined such that the five registers do not overlap other registers being used. 

If the register is defined in the 30,xxx address range, the status values will be stored in the local device's RTDB (i.e., the RTDB defined as a child to this FieldUnit).  If the register is in the 40,xxx range, the values will be stored in the Status/Control Field Unit RTDB. The Comm Status Holdreg is optional, and can be set to 0 to disable the storage of status registers.

See the section Communication Status Registers in the RediGate Configuration Manual for a description of the five Comm Status Register contents.