TLS Connection to MQTT Broker

To connect to an MQTT broker using TLS, follow these steps:

  1. Create a "TLS Tunnels" object under the "Networks" section in your ACE configuration
  2. Edit the necessary parameters to match you TLS configuration
    1. In this screenshot we are accepting a connection over the internal address and passing that info to an IBM BlueMix MQTT broker
  3. In your "MQClient" object, edit the fields to match your MQTT connection, and in the URL_List, point to the address, so that the MQClient uses the internal IP address to go through the TLS tunnel setup in the "Networks" section

Check RediGate System Time

In order for TLS to properly function, the RediGate's system clock must have an accurate time.

Checking the RediGate System Clock

There are multiple ways to check the system time on the RediGate:

  1. Login to the RediGate MMI and view the time in the banner:
  2. Login as the "root" user and run the "date" command:


Setting the RediGate System Clock

Option 1: Use the MMI to manually set the clock: RediGate Diagnostics Manual#2-SetClock 

Option 2: If you have an internet connected RediGate, add an NTP object to your system configuration to sync the clock with a central server: RediGate Diagnostics Manual#2-SetClock