Installing USB Driver

  1. Download and install the latest USB Driver from
    Make sure to install the correct version of driver for your operating system:
    For Windows 64-bit, use CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe
    For Windows 32-bit, use CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe

    To verify your version of Windows, right-click on the System icon in the Start menu or Windows Explorer, or select System in the Control Panel:

  2. Power on the RediGate, and connect a USB cable from the configuration computer to the console port on the front of the RediGate (USB type A male to Micro-USB type B male). The Windows operating system should recognize the port as a USB serial port.
  3. Open the Windows "Devices and Printers" window to confirm that the device appears as a "Silicon labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge," with a "COMx" port number designation, as shown in the following screen capture: 
  4. If the port is not recognized as a USB serial port, see if the device appears in the Windows Device Manager as an unknown device – this may indicate that the driver was not installed properly.

    Also, try a different USB port on the computer, or try a different cable.
    If you have a second RediGate, try plugging into its USB port.
    It should not normally be required to reboot Windows, but you might try that as well.