Setting up Putty for Network Communication

  1. To set up PuTTY for network communication, run the PuTTY program and configure it to the correct IP address of your RediGate
  2. By default, the SSH port number is 22.  If you don’t know the IP address, consult a system administrator or visit and review the IP address on the default configuration that corresponds to your RediGate device
  3. You can enter a “Saved Sessions” name and click the Save button to save this session for future use, if you desire
  4. With the RediGate powered on, click the Open button to begin communication
  5. You can login with either the "root" user (contact us for the default root user password) or with the user credentials specified in your RediGate's current configuration:

    "su user" command for accessing MMI

    If you login to Putty with root credentials, you can still access the MMI with all of the menu options by typing in the command "su user" in the Linux command line: