Using the L5K Import Tool

  1. Download, extract, and install the "L5K Import Tool" software from the 
  2. Save the .ACD or .L5K file of the controller you are working on as a .L5X file:

  3. Click the “Import”  button and select your .L5X file:

  4. Click the “Settings” button to set the scan rate and RTUID: 

    RTUID Note

    The RTUID should be the "Unit Address" of the FieldUnitEthernetIP device that is being polled:

  5. Select which tags you would like to have the RediGate poll and move them over to the right hand section of the window:

  6. Click “Export” and navigate to the folder where the .csv files are saved:
  7. In this folder you will find the 4 CSV files that will need to be imported into your ACE configuration:

  8. You will also find a "History" folder that contains copies of the .csv files that the tool has generated over time: