Ping Utility

The easiest way to test RediGate network connectivity is by using the ping tool built-in to the RediGate diagnostics:

  1. Connect to the RediGate using Putty
  2. Enter the following commands
    1. 3 – Diagnostics Services
    2. 14 – Ping Service
    3. (IP address or domain of Host destination — or for example for internet connected devices)
    4. If you see a reply from the IP address you pinged, you are connected and ready to send data from your field device to your host platform
    5. If you do not see a reply and/or your RediGate jumps straight into the "Diagnostic Services menu", your RediGate does not have a path to website or end device you are trying to ping
        1. Response from RediGate that does not have valid path to "":