RediGate 400 Tarball Update History

As of December 2017, RediGate firmware releases include a file checksum (SHA-256), which can be used to validate the authenticity of a downloaded file.

To view the expected file checksum, find the release date of the file in its Change Log (or locate the SHA hash of other released software) at the RediGate Product Support Page: 

To verify the checksum of a downloaded file, use a SHA-256 calculation app, such as one of the following:
MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility
- With 7-Zip installed, right-click on file and choose "CRC SHA" context menu (SHA-256)
- Or, at a Linux command line enter:   sha256sum filename

Change Log 

2019-05-17-1400 JPL     SHA-256 checksum: BD272604D1CC9F042594C4BD1EAD145AA9FFD104556725DFBC04EA889451A006
RediGateMMI : Each time a Banner is displayed, then check if Reconfiguring
AutoProc : Looping of Event Files with Last Event / Jump to Last Event
JSON_Rbe : use GMT/UTC instead of localtime() for all CSV operations
CellLEDs : Problem if not UBLOX or (CoreMSQID == 0)

2019-04-04-1000 JPL
UMUX : Sent AT+CEDRSX+3,2 ..3,2...3,5.. to disable Power Save Mode
     : which could potentially disable inbound connections
RediGate400_configs.tgz : New from Jon Tandy with SARA-R4 enabled
cellmodem.tcl : From JPT. I forgot to update tarball with this file.
CellLEDs : Try twice to set AT+UGPS=1,0,3 for basic satellites
uff2lnux : From Valmet5?????.1.cfg to Valmet5Mast?????.1.cfg
SosMast : Read support of Omni-6K/7K Cmd-65
SRTPMast : More support of CPU-Regs in word and Bit modes

2019-03-28-1700 JPL
RediGateMMI : ALter Chan/Rtu in CustomReport option, can view CSV files
            : from /tmp/sdcard1/SNF*/*.csv
enize : ENIZING for Schenck OpenSSL encryption
ROCMast : Fuller support of TypePnt-99 (Tables 0 - 15) Configurable
        : OpCodes 10/11 reading and writing
CirrusRBE : Can process SARA-R4 GPS data. It could take up to two minutes
          : to get GPS intialized
JSON_Rbe : Fixed bug in processing sdcard/*.csv historical files
start : Attempt to mount USB memory stick if SCDARD does not exist
nodir : rm Bootdelay in both /tmp/director, /tmp/redigate/

2018-12-12-1800 JPL
bootdelay : If ttyS0 interrupts occur within 15 seconds then wait up
          : to 1.5 minutes before starting RediGate or Bootloader
SosMast : ASCII Modbus handles LRC errors without crashing
ModMast : Ditto
uff2lnux : UBlox SARA-R410 Verizon and AT&T support w, w/o UMUX
UMUX : Newest
RediGateMMI : Reverse video help text for Modem AT command
            : Does not have AutoProc Debug level support yet.
dir_tool : Corrected format for UINT32 in RC_LIST, RJ_LIST
gwutl : JPT updates some error messages : Ditto
NetworkMonitor: Ditto
JSON_Rbe : Latest
ROCMast : Better processing of Echoed back PARAMETER header bytes
VirtMast : Latest, Correct RTU_STAT_POLL_DONE/WROTE_DATA
AutoProc : Fisrt Version
MQisdp : Newest
MQRbePr : Newest
DirectorXDBM : Newest
Ymodem : Newest
CirrusRBE : AutoProc support to publish TextFile as RBE String
SpkPlgRBE : Support AutoProc to publish TextFile as RBE String
RediGateMMI : Support for AutoProc diags per Proces Table Row
DirectorScan : If not OneBadPoll kills RTU then MS-DOS Epoch Seconds
start : mount -t vfat -o umask=000 /dev/mmcblk0p1 /tmp/sdcard/

2018-09-06-1000 JPL
ROCMast : More validation of certain OpCodes
hex2bin : for Schneck encryption : JPT updated logging bug
NetworkMonitor: JPT updated
VirtMast : ENGINEERING_SCALE function
ModMast : Preliminary 64bit data reading w/o write
SosMast (NOT) : Preliminary 64bit data reading w/o write (pending testing)
JSON_Rbe : Cleaned up Historical file search of multiple days
dir_tool : produces output if "dir_tool -1 -1 DS" searches all RTU list
uff2lnux : Network Monitor changes, AutoProcess object support
RediGateMMI : RPN-Calc option 'FF' has Double-Hex, Hex->Double converts

2018-08-07-0800 JPL
uff2lnux : Removed some support for Sangoma
VirtMast : New POD_ENGINEER_SCALING function

2018-07-25-1400 JPL
RediGateMMI : Option-21 (Alter CSV StartTime) correctly display Month
CirrusRBE : Processes Header Only CSV files
uff2lnux : JPT Network Monitor Version 2
NetworkMonitor: JPT Initial Script
start : Added "NetworkMonitor restart" as last line
gwutl : JPT Gateway Utility Script
dir_tool : Latest : JPT background Network Monitor Script

2018-06-20-0900 JPL
JSON_Rbe : If column heading has EpochTimeMS then 64 bit integer time
         : of MilliSeconds since 1969. Intelligent searching through
         : CSV files for records to publish and publish all records
         : not just the last two days.
CirrusRBE : ditto. Service mosquitt_loop() during searching.
SpkPlgRBE : Force UNDERSCOREs into RtuName. Implement ReconnectDelay.
StoreFwd : If Pacing is 0 seconds then store Milliseconds since 1969
         : into first column with heading of "EpochTimeMS"
         : If pacing=0 seconds then Millisecond timestamps
RediGateMMI : Directory Services allows user to modify Last CSV Time
root : call /etc/init.d/S01setuptimestamp update
S40crond : 55 **** /etc/init.d/S01setuptimestamp update
S01setuptimestamp : Make certain that clock is 2018 or better
uff2lunx : Support for multiple Network-Monitor Objects
MQisdp : Will adhere better to Reconnect Pacing
dir_tool : Latest

2018-05-22-1000 JPL : Allow Single HReg write to >49999 address
JSON_Rbe : Allow Long ${GATEWAY} name
uff2lnux : Allow long ${GATEWAY} name in JSON Topics
S15cellmodem : kill tclsh added to all cases
StoreFwd : Better file managment at Midnight, Send today and yesterday
         : data
TOTFLOMast : Support for DB-II Data Structure Groups 5,6,7
MQisdp : Removed spaces from URL Names and Gateway Name

2018-04-23-1400 JPL
StoreFwd : When no connection exists continuously check for Midnight
         : for creating new starting CSV files, No alter for Timezone
DirectorScan : Support for SetOsVal and other updates
uff2lnux : List names of POD Functions 129 to 139. Ctl/Mon Netwrk Object
UffUpdate.txt : Move Ctl/Mon-Network object files to /etc/init.d/
TOTFLOMast : Don't abort POLL/CMD if SendMsg() fails from Broken PIPE

2018-03-13-1400 JPL
JSON_Rbe : THere was not enough checking if the MQttCLient buffer was
         : too full
uff2lnux : Latest
dirprofile : added ":/sbin" into export $PATH

2018-02-20-2200 JPL
uff2lnux : Ublox-SARA-R cell modem support
UffUpdate.txt :, move to /etc/init.d/
UMUX : CAT-M modem multiplexer. Does not use virtual hanadshake
     : Only send HDLC payloads of 107 byte, AT+CMUX=0,116...
S15cellmodem : If Modem_type=SARA-R4 call /etc/init.d/

2018-02-06-0900 JPL
TOTFLOMast : More diagnostics for 8 byte UNION. Continue 2018-01-26 tarbll
uff2lnux : MeasData support
JSON_Rbe : Even more TagName Command Searching validation

2018-01-26-1400 JPL
uff2lnux : Wesdac Protocol Support
TOTFLOMast : Support for RAMS Array 104 debugging. Allow for UCHAR+32
           : Data Type to indicate UNION data of INT32/REAL32 pair to be
           : after storing this UCHAR data. Real32 data regi will be
           : counted as a INT32 register. Support RAMS arrays 148 to 158
RediGateMMI : Don't ask for CellModem port 73 to 77

2017-12-27-0900 JPL     SHA-256 checksum: 792ED046E0275225609DD7630A0BB470A8B9869BB5853C0B27073E83DFCA14FB
  CIPMast       : Don't interpret "FLOTOTAL_100_Press" as "FLOTOTAL[100].Press

2017-12-13-1500 JPL
  dirprofile    : Some got "Director" text instead of "RediGate"
  JSON_Rbe      : Better management of Startup publishing

2017-12-12-1100 JPL
  TOTFLOWMast   : Sending a command could get into infinite loop
  JSON_Rbe      : Prevent double/triple publishes after New Broker Connection

2017-11-27-1200 JPL
  JSON_Rbe      : Device Management by subscribing to File topic with /DEVMAN/
                : will allow subscribed files to stored into /tmp/director/
                : and periodically a script will run to move to /home/director/
                : Immediately pub all RTUs RBEs after Gateway Birth/State topics
  TOTFLOMast    : Added OPERATIONS APP and SU G4 LIQ APP Support.
                : DTYPE_LONG: in ParseReply() was for only 2 bytes not four
  Ymodem        : Send file namess up to 127 bytes, debug to /tmp/ymodem.dbg
  dirprofile    : Added /sbin/ to path      : Get Out of BootLoader script
  bootloader    : Call
  dirprofile    : echo "reconfigure" or "reset" >/hom/dirctr/ in Bootloader mode
  start         : Process STAR files in /home/Dirupld/ and Multiples as well
  MQisdp        : Timestamp JSON/dir_tool subscribe files in /tmp/director/
                : with Milliseconds
  uff2lnux      : Enable JSON_Leg0 under legacy MQisdp

2017-11-02-1700 JPL
  JSONRbe       : ProcessJSON() was not correctly check cmd StringLengths
  CIPMast       : Fragmented Reading and works up to 4000 bytes

2017-10-25-1700 JPL
  TOTFLOMast    : Added Shutdown App Register(59, Safety Application)

2017-10-25-1000 JPL
  TOTFLOMast    : Trend File APP needed to act like HoldReg APP for programmable
                : data matching Polll Table Column used and inspecting RTDB Reg
  CellLEDs      : Removed double quotes around strings, support ATI for U-Blox

2017-10-11-1100 JPL
  CIPMast       : Support for 64bit "LINT" data type from L5XTool
  SpkPlgRBE     : CMD_MOD_STAT was breaking ipcmsg's with _fGotCmdModStat
  CirrusRBE     : Search for "/SNFCC_RRRRR/" for CSV Chan/Rtu numbers
  StoreFwd      : Remove Spaces from CSV file names
  TOTFLOMast    : RAMS App (Alarm Registers-8) support

2017-10-09-0900 JPL
  RediGateMMI   : Option-17 MQtt Status looks for 'SpkPlgRBE0'
  CirrusRBE     : Support Option-17 above, better rcvd-TagName validation
  SpkPlgRBE     : Ditto and if DNS-Ping fail, then netstat |grep 1883 |ESTAB
                : WalkTable command from MMI
  CellLEDs      : better -SIGINT management
  JSON_Rbe      : more validation of Received TagName search/matching
  uff2lnux      : Allow TOTFLOMast Protocol=271 for SlotNumb and StationName-10
  TOTFLOMast    : Latest
  S92leds       : usleep 1000000 from sleep 1

2017-08-24-1000 JPL
  uff2lnux      : Possibility of multiple SpkPlgRBE, new ACE Structure
  StoreFwd      : Possibility of multiple SpkPlgRBE, new ACE Structure
  CIPMast       : Support for manually entered Multi-Level UDTs for single value
  MQRbePR       : Latest
  MQXRbePR      : Latest
  CellLEDs      : Release malloc() memory and close /dev/acscomm?? port
  CirrusRBE     : If cannot connect to broker release malloc() memory and
                : after being killed
  .profile      : added ':/sbin' to export $PATH 
  RediGateMMI   : Allow simple ENTER to abort CustUtil_* selection

2017-08-16-1500 JPL
  TOTFLOMast    : HoldingRegs APP has unknown DTYPE_??? to use whatever
                : DTYPE_ associated inside the RTDB when DATA_SET_FORMATTED
  Bootloader    : changed from "dctr" uff header marker to "drct"

2017-08-11-0900 JPL
  uff2lnux      : Support for MultiRBE SparkPlugRBE
  VirtMast      : JSON_TRAP with correct Register Range Limit based on 'Count'
  JSON_Rbe      : No RBE Topics DiagMessage(Level-4), AWS Historical data
                : SUB_TOPIC_TO_RTDB versus Protocol
  SpkPlgRBE     : Control process for CirrusRBE
  CirrusRBE     : Multiple RTU Support, control subscriptions of CMDs
  StoreFwd      : If SpkPlgB_EZ not found then look for SpkPlgRBE instead

2017-07-24-1300 JPL
  VirtMast      : New Poll 'Source Type' -> JSON COMMAND TRAP
  JSON_Rbe      : Accept DATA_SET_FORMATTED from VirtMast JSON_CMD_TRAP
                : to enable a 'command' publish topic to Remote Device
                : Allow new Replacement ${REG@xxxxx} to use Strings from
                : Rtdb Regsiters @ 'xxxxx' (e.g. 49001) as replacements
                : Convert <CR><LF><TAB> chars to <SPACE> for Wonderware
  StoreFwd      : Some Diagnostic changes, dynamically locate starting RBE
                : Register instead of requirement of Coil 0001.
  Xml2uff       : Allow *.xml.gz files names from 128 to 256 bytes
  bacnet4linux  : 1st inclusion WEB server port 8000 of discovery data
  BACnetIpMast  : 1st inclusion
  uff2lnux      : BACnetMast needs SOS Table Size in both old/new NetCircuits
  start         : Added check for ../config/init.arcom/
  SpkPlgEZ      : If DNS connection to Broker then ping test for only
                : 4 seconds and the ping failure can force MQtt shutdown
  SpkPlgEZ      : If DNS connection to Broker then ping test for only
                : 4 seconds and then ping failure can force MQtt shutdown
  CirrusLink    : Channel Number was not being read from the config file
                : Double send Birth Certificates because of issues in DNS
                : with DHCP after pulling the RJ-45 Ethernet cable

2017-06-29-1200 JPL
  JSON_Rbe      : ${CHAN},${RTU},${DEV} replacements. PUB/SUB topics for
                : Device,Gateway,STATE,File(History?)
  MQisdp        : Allow for Topics up to 256 bytes
  RbePush       : Rotate through all four RBE Flags (0-3) each Interval
                : or Individual RBE flags if Chan00 to Chan03
                : Customer enters Interval in seconds
  CellLEDs      : Prevent TIME.GPS from getting large
  MQRbePr       : Topics up to 256 bytes, Publish TagNames w/o RETAIN, but
                : send after every Gateway/Birth topic

2017-06-16-0900 JPL
  uff2lnux      : MQisdpX? replacement for ${REDIGATE}, ${DIRECTOR} ${GROUP}
  MQisdp        : 256 char Topics

2017-06-12-1400 JPL
  CellLEDs      : If no AT-Cmds[] then only regular AT+CSQ request
  MQisdp        : Wild card replacements
  ModMast       : If 32bit Format and 16bit RTDB regs then save pairs
  dir_tool      : Write /tmp/*.dtl for "-1 -1 DS" device status
  VirtMast      : Latest
  MQisdp        : More Wildcard placements from Global.txt
  DirectorPLC   : Latest : Required for CirrusLink
  CirrusLink    : SparkPlugB-EZ support
  SpkPlgEZ      : Manager for CirrusLink
  uff2lnux      : Support for JSON_Rbe, StoreFwd, S03emux -SIGINT CellLEDs
  JSON_Rbe      : Beta for BlueMix
  StoreFwd      : Logging to SD-Card1 and publish via SpkPlgEZ
  PLC2Mast      : Validate unsoliced Write-Cmd-8 DestAddres in byte[4?]
  TANOMast      : Removed some diags

2017-06-05-1800 JPL
  MQRbePr       : Publish TagNames WITHOUT 'Retain' flag

2017-06-02-1000 JPL
  RediGateMMI   : View Store-N-Forward files on sdcard/usb-stick
  MQRbePr       : Publish TagNames after EVERY Director-BIRTH

2017-04-10-0900 JPL
  CellLEDs      : SIGINT trap to remove ipcmsg() and then exit
                : Flash LED even if PPP not running
  S92leds       : killall -SIGINT CellLEDs 2> /dev/null
  CirrusLink    : Beta ver of SparkPlug-B EZ for RBE deliver to Ignition
  SpkPlgEZ      : Control Process of CirrusLink to launch and kil
  ModSlave      : added SIGCHLD so system() call won't cause zombie process
  DialBackup    : Ditto
  uff2lnux      : Empty TagNames causes problems

2017-03-27-1100 JPL
  ROCMast       : Newest version
  uff2lnux      : Beta version of SparkPlug-B

2017-03-20-1500 JPL
  OmronFINSMast : Added Timer/Counter FLG(Bool) and PV(Word)

2017-03-20-1300 JPL
  OmronFINSMast  : Added Expansion Banked(0-7) Data Memory (0x90 to 97)

2017-03-15-1100 JPL
  xmlupdate      : was creating $ConfigName.xml.xml.gz
  OmronFINSMast  : From 2012 but first release in 3.12 Linux

2017-03-09-1400 JPL
  uff2lnux       : Was not managing Dirupld password correctly
  RediGate400_configs.tgz : New from JTandy

2017-03-08-1000 JPL
  xmlupldate     : Error to /home/*/Problem.txt if Multiple *.xml.gz files
  DirectorWdog   : umount /tmp/sdcard1/ /tmp/usb1/ if /home/director/reboot
  VirtMast       : all Functions CfgPtrs can be dynamic RTDB references

2017-03-01-1600 JPL
  VirtMast       : Enable TagNames as Column Headers in DATA_LOGGER
                 : Data can change TYPE and have Address Gaps
  DialBackup     : Some local values set to zero
  DirectorWdog   : If Dialbackup using VirtCOM? then LED controls prevent
                 : processing 'reset' or 'reconfigure' files
  ModMast        : Newest for Passthru Modbus aware for validations
  TANOMast       : Newest for RESET RTU command
  PLC2Mast       : Support for Peer Write 16bitWordPairs to 32bit RTDB Regs
  SRTPMast       : Force Local Source port to range 17000 to 17259 for OLD GEs
  S91RediGate    : case start) and stop) added with umount /tmp/sdcard1/

2017-02-23-1000 JPL
  MELSECMast     : For Denso project, read/write X,Y,M,D devices with RTDB
                 : Bool,Int16,Int32,Real32,String-32

2017-02-22-1000 JPL
  VirtMast       : if TS_ADC_AT_x100=1 then lower libdevmem(0x100 not 0x140)
  ModSlTcpd      : Newest
  ModSlave       : Close serial port after CMD_TERMINATE
  RediGateMMI    : Newest
  xmlupdate      : *.xml.gz and *.tmp.gz >> /home/*/AceConfigName.txt
  customer.Z4    : TS_ADC_AT_x100=1 for VirtMast
  PLC2Mast       : PLC2 WRITE INT-PAIR to BE/LE WORD 32 bit RTDB
  TANOMast       : If ModbusCoil Write an OFF then don't send Command
  MQisdp         : Latest
  DialBackup     : Changed some Diagnostics

2017-01-31-0900 JPL
  VirtMast       : VirtMast correctly rejects LOW_PRIORITY Cmd(MSG_REPLY) or
                 : iCmdRespMSQID==MSQID_INVALID
  dir_tool       : Add 100 to Channel-Param to keep original file in
                 : PF (publish-file) command
  cellmodem.tcl  : If DE910 then from "S11emux" to "S03emux"
  uff2lnux       : TagName dots to slashes for file
  DialBackup     : Resurected for PBF Energy
  UdpHandler     : Packet byte matching 0 to 5 to enable sending packet
  ModMast        : In PThru mode bottom 3 digits of ResponseTmout used for
                 : InterChar Demarkation
  MQRbePr        : Latest
  UdpServ        : Latest

2017-01-03-1400 JPL
  uff2lnux       : EIP TagName DOTs to SLASHES, 2 or More TagNams/Channel
  CIPMast        : RegSesn setup >60 seconds Idle Timer
  VirtMast       : POD_GetRTUSTATUS works now, all polls normall SUCCESSFULL

2016-12-29-1000 JPL
  DnpMast        : _fReconfigure
  DnpSlave       : _fReconfigure
  SmartMux       : _fReconfigure
  customer.Z*    : IM_IGNORE_QUALITY=0
  VirtMast       : All Polls successful, POD_QUALITYREG to set BAD quality
  CIPMast        : wStat uninitialized in UpdateMultiRTDB(), uSkipTest==NO_SAVE
  uff2lnux       : Latest
  TOTFLOMast     : Latest
  UdpHandler     : _fReconfigure, never ported to ARM processor

2016-12-08-1600 JPL
  RediGate400_configs.tgz : From Jon Tandy

2016-12-05-1600 JPL
  RediGate400_configs.tgz : From Jon Tandy     : Reset EMUX after 4 consec ppp0 restart w/o success
  TANOMast       : Diagnostic changes
  PLC2Mast       : Diagnostic changes

2016-11-28-1300 JPL
  RegiGate400_configs.tgz : From Jon Tandy
  S01setuptimestamp : Extract RediGate400_configs.tgz somewhere
  TOTFLOMast     : A few more Arrays supported

2016-11-17-1200 JPL
  start          : use ethtool to obtain SerialNumber for .serial
  uff2lnux       : CIPMast with SkipPoll options, SINT32 in TagName process
                 : MQrbePr Enable list, _alCustFlags[BASH_USES_TILDE]
                 : Subscriptions RBE-Data precedes RBE/RTU-BIRTH certificate
  MQRbePr        : ditto
  MQisdp         : Latest
  MQRbePr        : Latest
  CIPMast        : SKipReg, ResultReg Poll record processing, SKIP_SAVE_RTDB
                 : SKIP_EXTRACT_BIT (removed need for +100,000,+200,000 Markers
  VirtMast       : Improved DiagLog( |uIndex ), String Rplacement last byte
  SRTPMast       : Too much logic for Long Integers at 45001
  cellmodem.tcl  : Reprogramming if SIM changed
  MQRbePr        : Enable RTU List
  DirectorPLC    : SSCGP/MGLL XMl functions call lRequestSystemCmd()
  customer.Z*    : BASH_USES_TILDE=1
  RediGateMMI    : Newest
  CellLEDs       : Newest, works without AT Commands
  DirectorXDBM   : Fixed more RBE Stuff     : If cellmodem fails four times in a row then "S03emux restart"
  dir_tool       : Latest
  TANOMast       : Model 100/05 Tano with Spy Mode
  PLC2Mast       : Supports Spy mode with Unsolicited Write DF1
  TOTFLOMast     : ABB TotalFlow first Beta version
  customer.Z4    : DIRUPLD_PASSWD=1

2016-05-02-1600 JPL
  Bootloader     : put "rdgt" into Override.UFF.
  UffUpdate.txt  : openconnect.* to /etc/vpnc/
  ModMast        : Allow full 16bit Ace RTU Address without breaking protocol
  CSPMast        : Writing to Bit-15 with cmd 0xAB also wrote Bit-0 next word
  DF1Mast        : ditto
  TermServd      : Remvoed Shared Resoure messages
  uff2lnux       : Newest

2016-04-12-0800 JPL
  uff2lnux       : TAG_NAMEs any length

2016-03-16-1700 JPL started 1st Linux REDIGATE 400 from Plains-PL
  Change.log     : First of REDIGATE 400 Series
  REDIGATE-400   : New BRANDING name for Tarballs
  customer.Z[2,4]: RediGate_400, REDIGATE_400=1      : /tmp/redigate/ and RediGate.0.cfg and AceCfg.xml.gz file
                 : /home/Dirupld/*.XML.gz moved to /home/director/
  uff2lnux       : RediGate 400 throughout group with 'redigate'
                 : Any length TagName->sValue
  syslog.conf    : /tmp/redigate/RediGateFifo mapping
  TarUpdate.txt  : syslog.conf to /etc/ mode 0644, scripts/* -> /etc/stunnel/
                 : S01setuptimestamp to /etc/init.d/
  TermServd      : Eliminate "Could not semop(?) Success
  .profile       : 'ps|grep RediGateCore' and ${MYDIR#*RediGate.0.cfg}"
  S90DirectorPipe: /tmp/redigate/*
  S91Director    : /tmp/redigate/*
  RediGateCore   : Copied from DirectorCore
  RediGateMMI    : Newly aware of REDIGATE-400
  Xml2uff        : Convert ACE 3.2 XML file to Apex.uff file
  xmlupdate      : Modified uffupdate to proces RediGate.xml.gz to UFF with
                 : ln -s ../config/Apex.uff -> /home/../
  S01setuptimestamp : from P66 moved to /etc/init.d/
  ./scripts/*.sh : Moved to /etc/stunnel/
  syslog.conf    : /tmp/redigate/RediGateFifo
  nodir          : /tmp/redigate/Bootdelay
  S50stunnel     : killall -SIGKILL stunnel 2> /dev/null
  VirtMast       : Pod Multi-IO card index offset by one
  DirectorPLC    : libdevmem_open( +0x1a0 );