UDP Client as Protocol Router

The FieldUnit options under the Master Channel / Network Circuit are designed to provide network communication to a field device using TCP/IP protocol. However, if UDP/IP protocol is required instead of TCP/IP, you cannot use the normal Channel/NetCircuit/FieldUnit object structure in ACE.

Instead, you may be able to use the serial FieldUnit protocol along with Virtual COM Ports and a UDP Client object. The UDP Client object is designed to make an outbound connection to a network device using UDP protocol. The data that is transferred is passed from the FieldUnit protocol back and forth between the UDP Client using Virtual COM ports. (This method assumes that the network-connected device can handle a UDP-encrypted serial device protocol.)

A configuration of this type would be set up as follows:

See the RediGate Configuration Manual for information on configuring a pair of Virtual COM Ports and the UDP Client.

See the FieldUnit protocol-specific configuration for information on configuring the Poll Table and other protocol requirements.