ACE Revision History

Revision History:

Template Update (24-Apr-2020)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v16)
    • MQClient Client ID can be 0 length
    • AsyncCircuit includes /dev/ttyS ports
    • Added Cmd 66 to Modbus poll table
    • Added options in Custom Report 
    • Added Siemens S7 and Valmet/Tejas field units
    • Added 'syslog' configuration
    • Added Director PODs options
    • NetMon added PING FAIL ANY option
    • Process RTDB Report – added LABEL and IF options, RTDB Address column
    • Process File Report – Added LABEL, IF, and LOOP options
    • Processes – added sdcard1 output
    • Omni Cmd65 Process – added options for Alarm, Audit, Snapshot, Product, Status; count of historical records

ACE Release 3.5.4 (8-Feb-2019)

  • SHA256 checksum (AceSetup.msi): 4F5FD687A63DAF01F78B983BA7BA33702A690EE87FC2C54212A56C65C5497F28
  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v15)
    • Added timezone options for System
    • Added Automated Processing and HttpPost
    • Added FieldUnitGE_CCM2
    • Changed Modbus Field Unit to support CMD 65 for Omni flow reports
    • Modified description of Custom Report formats
    • Added Time type to GE SRTP Poll Table
    • Changes to FieldUnit_TotalFlow

Template Update (8-Nov-2018)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v14)
    • Added Network Monitor
    • Increased DnpSlave instances to 9
    • Added Cat-M1 (SARA-R4) cell modem
    • Added Bash script under POD (global instance# with other Bash scripts)
    • Removed TLS FIPS=yes option
    • Removed TotalFlow compressed messages option
    • Store&Forward minimum Pacing=0
    • Added Wesdac poll table comment column

Template Update (7-May-2018)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v13)
    • RTDB count can be up to 65535
    • Changed spare Wesdac parameter

Template Update (28-Mar-2018)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v12)
    • Added Wesdac protocol
    • Added JSON RBE under MQclient3_1
    • Added two POD functions
    • Added Comment field to SosMod
    • Additional filter options under UDPHandler
    • Miscellaneous help text and small modifications

ACE Release 3.5.3 (20-Dec-2017)

  • SHA-256 checksum (AceSetup.msi): 800717C30F64B2D41E03989A2515303E451EEC2F8E1F9F7661EEFCD282263195
  • Temporary files are now stored in user directory instead of common Upload folder, to avoid conflict between multiple users.
  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml
    • Added SINT64 to RTDB
    • Changed default LWT in MQTT
    • Rearranged Modbus Master poll types
    • Updates to help text and default values in Route Table
    • Rearranged POD function list
    • Changes to TotalFlow FieldUnit

ACE Release 3.5.2 (3-Nov-2017)

  • Fixed problem in uploading (Legacy→Upload Only UFF prevents upload of XML with additional files).