ACE Revision History

As of December 2017, RediGate firmware releases include a file checksum (SHA-256), which can be used to validate the authenticity of a downloaded file.

To view the expected file checksum, find the release date of the file in its Change Log (or locate the SHA hash of other released software) at the RediGate Product Support Page: 

To verify the checksum of a downloaded file, use a SHA-256 calculation app, such as one of the following:
MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility
- With 7-Zip installed, right-click on file and choose "CRC SHA" context menu (SHA-256)
- Or, at a Linux command line enter:   sha256sum filename

Revision History:

Template Update (24-Apr-2020)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v16)
    • MQClient Client ID can be 0 length
    • AsyncCircuit includes /dev/ttyS ports
    • Added Cmd 66 to Modbus poll table
    • Added options in Custom Report 
    • Added Siemens S7 and Valmet/Tejas field units
    • Added 'syslog' configuration
    • Added Director PODs options
    • NetMon added PING FAIL ANY option
    • Process RTDB Report – added LABEL and IF options, RTDB Address column
    • Process File Report – Added LABEL, IF, and LOOP options
    • Processes – added sdcard1 output
    • Omni Cmd65 Process – added options for Alarm, Audit, Snapshot, Product, Status; count of historical records

ACE Release 3.5.4 (8-Feb-2019)

  • SHA256 checksum (AceSetup.msi): 4F5FD687A63DAF01F78B983BA7BA33702A690EE87FC2C54212A56C65C5497F28
  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v15)
    • Added timezone options for System
    • Added Automated Processing and HttpPost
    • Added FieldUnitGE_CCM2
    • Changed Modbus Field Unit to support CMD 65 for Omni flow reports
    • Modified description of Custom Report formats
    • Added Time type to GE SRTP Poll Table
    • Changes to FieldUnit_TotalFlow

Template Update (8-Nov-2018)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v14)
    • Added Network Monitor
    • Increased DnpSlave instances to 9
    • Added Cat-M1 (SARA-R4) cell modem
    • Added Bash script under POD (global instance# with other Bash scripts)
    • Removed TLS FIPS=yes option
    • Removed TotalFlow compressed messages option
    • Store&Forward minimum Pacing=0
    • Added Wesdac poll table comment column

Template Update (7-May-2018)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v13)
    • RTDB count can be up to 65535
    • Changed spare Wesdac parameter

Template Update (28-Mar-2018)

  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml (v12)
    • Added Wesdac protocol
    • Added JSON RBE under MQclient3_1
    • Added two POD functions
    • Added Comment field to SosMod
    • Additional filter options under UDPHandler
    • Miscellaneous help text and small modifications

ACE Release 3.5.3 (20-Dec-2017)

  • SHA-256 checksum (AceSetup.msi): 800717C30F64B2D41E03989A2515303E451EEC2F8E1F9F7661EEFCD282263195
  • Temporary files are now stored in user directory instead of common Upload folder, to avoid conflict between multiple users.
  • Changes to DefaultTemplate.xml
    • Added SINT64 to RTDB
    • Changed default LWT in MQTT
    • Rearranged Modbus Master poll types
    • Updates to help text and default values in Route Table
    • Rearranged POD function list
    • Changes to TotalFlow FieldUnit

ACE Release 3.5.2 (3-Nov-2017)

  • Fixed problem in uploading (Legacy→Upload Only UFF prevents upload of XML with additional files).